Naiada, tell me what’s
the next charming
masterpiece that will
make my wallet smile


Science makes art wealthy

More than an inspiring muse, Naiada brings transparency and efficiency to the world’s finest art.
Thanks to a blend between AI and image recognition, Naiada makes art investment previsions clear and easy-to use.

It’s not a marketplace. Naiada reduces information asymmetries in the passion asset market by highlighting the most promising works of art from the global auction houses events.

Browse future auctions globally

Uncover the trajectories will hit the mark, revealing more than just beauty

Invest in blue-chip masterpieces, or amazing oil on canvas of emerging painters

Reach higher performances in the hazy world dwelt by artworks


Join the realm of
undisclosed beauty

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In case you missed anything

No, it isn’t. Naiada is an independent information provider. However, Naiada provides information about the auction house that will sell a particular artwork.

No, Naiada is totally independent and thus it does not receive any commissions from auction houses.

No, Naiada is the expert. She relies on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to provide future artworks evaluation.

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